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I wanna make a Homestuck ask blog! what do you guys think :O

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Which one of you is more artsy and who's more academic? Does haruhi tutor either of you?! HI HARUHI! I bet she tutors tamaki but not really because he can't concentrate with her around. HIIII TAMAKI!

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*stares at both* which one is the clone? *tilts head confused and starts mumbling* why are there two? How is this possible? They look exactly the same. It's the end of the world *faints*

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Who's your favorite host besides each other? Like tamaki mori honey etc

Hikaru: We don’t have a favorite!!

Kaoru: Everybody is just as important to us!

Hikaru: Maybe Haruhi is just a little bit more important…

Kaoru: Hikaru that’s not nice D:<

Hikaru: *giggles*

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H-H-Hika-a-aru-u-u? K-K-Kao-o-ru-u? Can y-you give m-me a p-picture of t-that time T-Tamak-k-ki rang y-you and w-woke y-you up c-cause he thought H-H-Haruh-h-hi was m-missing? P-P-Please-e? I-It's s-such a c-cute p-picture of y-you t-two... *blushes*

Hikaru: what was that……

Kaoru: what’d they say?

Hikaru: *shrugs*


Anonymous sent:

i love you

Both: And we love you too!

Hikaru: As much as a high school boy can love an anonymous person on a blogging website

Kaoru: Hikaru >:I

Hikaru: ouo

Anonymous sent:

Do you guys dance?

Hikaru: Sometimes. I mean…we know how. I think Kaoru likes it more than I do

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Guys where'd you go? I miss you :(

Hikaru: we were….

Kaoru: doesn’t matter!

Hikaru: we’re back in time for New Years!

hey-its-len sent:

Hey guys, im Len. So i heard you guys hadda little "twincest" over here? Yeah i lotta fans of mine ship me and my sis Rin. Cause we're "mirror images". Although it depends what you want us to be. Anyways, if ya ever wanna chat ill lend you an ear. BTW how many followers do you guys have now?

Hikaru: woah woah that’s just for show!

Kaoru: We never actually go through with the stuff we say we will

Both: Are you saying you’re in a romantic relationship with your sister???

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*puts bows in kaoru's hair* lovely *puts flowers in hikarus hair* beautiful!

Kaoru: *smiles up at his bow* :D Aww

Hikaru: *giggles* Huh??

Kaoru: You’re adorable! :D :D *wraps his arms around Hikaru*

Hikaru: *laughs* You too c:

Both: We’re pretty cute ouo